Jorge Nel Giraldo

"Mr Tango", professor of physical education and dance he has been teaching and dancing for over 30 years. The city of Miami has given him a proclamation naming the 15th of May as the day of Jorge Nel for being the pioneer of tango in Florida.
He has participated in films dancing tango, one of the films is Random Hearts with Harrison Ford, another film with Celia Cruz and Al Pacino. Jorge directed his own dance company, Tango Fever, for over 10 years.
He was the last dancer acting alongside Libertad La Marque, diva of the Hispanic cinema and Jorge was one of the first tango entrepreneurs to start the Tango Festivals in the United States.
At present he is considered one of the best salon tango dancers in his country and is currently well recognized in the United States for his Milonga interpretation.

Sandra Milena Buitrago

Sandra Milena Buitrago has been performing since she started dancing in 2002 at the prestigious and well-known tango company Danzarte, where she performed until 2004.
In 2005 she became a partner of Mr. Tango (Jorge Nel Giraldo) embarking herself aboard a prestigious career, traveling and teaching the milonguero style of Colombia, the United States and Canada.
She was a national runner-up three times in the Tango Salon category, on prestigious Colombian tango championships 2008-2009. In Manizales, her home-town, she was a national champion in the Tango Salon Category in 2010, and national runner-up in the Stage Tango category in the same event.
She represented Colombia in the Buenos Aires World Tango Championship in 2010.
she is currently working alongside her husband Jorge Nel Giraldo
The aim of this project is to support the Colombian tango talent; likewise she is the designer of the tango shoes of her own company Mr. Tango Shoes.