My dear dancer friend,

I am very happy that you have decided to attend my festival. I will do everything possible to make this an unforgettable experience so that you can have a beautiful memory of my beloved Colombia.We do have a saying that goes: the only risk about visiting Colombia is the risk to want to stay forever. By the way, several people have already made the decision to make Colombia their new home.

Once you sign up, we will immediately begin to make arrangements for your stay, such as:

Reservation in hotel.

Confirmation of dinners in restaurants.

Purchase of insurances.

Internal transport contracts.

Instructors are paid per person attending from abroad.

And many other arrangements for which we must, in some cases, make advance payments, which is the reason why we do not return money once you are registered.

At the end of the registration sheet, there is a note that says no money will be returned. I hope you read it.

A big hug for you. I can not wait for you to be here in Colombia so that we can enjoy a week of much tango.

Sincerely, Jorge nel Giraldo