Colombia Tango Festival. Only for Tango Lovers.

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One of the Best International Tango Festivals in South América.

When was the last time you took a trip to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve done over the years??
Don’t think more… This is the moment to let yourself go in an unforgettable week full of TANGO!!

Concerts and Milongas Every Day & World Tango Championship & Workshops & Seminars & Tango Singer Contest & City Tour & Travel Insurance & Ground Transportation & More…

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We are Colombians who love tango. We have lived in the United States teaching how to dance tango and have been warmly welcome and accepted, not just because of our tango skills but also for the beautiful things we have introduced about our country. For this reason, we decided to organize our first International Tango Festival in Colombia. Since 2012, every year we organize Tango Festivals and tours in the most representative cities of the tango culture in Colombia.

Jorge Nel & Milena Buitrago

Who better to plan a tango festival than them? The Organizers Colombia Tango Festival are Planning everything. Our success is not only due to the quality or our work; it’s down to attitude, our approach and the way we treat you.

Tango Instructors

You can learn about tango and receive tango lessons with the best of the best! Every tango instructor is a professional and warm person so you will improve your tango skills easily.

We have the best tango instructors ready to give you all their knowledge and guide you through the dance floor. These are going to be the Instructors to Colombia Tango Festival in Medellín 2019.

These were the Tango instructors in Colombia Tango Festival Bogotá in February 2019.

Taxi Dancers

Then of the tango classes you can to practice with the best taxi dancers.

You don’t need a partner, we have a team of tango dancers just for you, in the workshops and in the milongas.

The kindness and cordiality of the Colombians. A characteristic especially of the milongueros that will make you feel that you are welcome.

These were the Taxi Dancers in Colombia Tango Festival Bogotá in February 2019.